About the Author

As a child and up through high school I was always active. I preferred to play with the boys in the neighborhood as opposed to the other girls because they didn’t seem to want to do much physically.

We would ride our bikes and skateboards, climb trees, run around, and just generally terrorize the neighbors. I also played soccer, volleyball, basketball, and softball both in school and for recreation. I didn’t smoke or drink, I was in great shape, and I felt invincible!

Towards the end of my senior year I really wasn’t interested in school anymore. Or sports.

After high school I had no desire to go to college. I already had a job. I was washing dishes in a restaurant before graduating and had already moved up to line cook. I just wanted to get out of my parents house and smoke weed and drink.

I fell into the restaurant scene that smoked, drank lots of alcohol, and partied all the time just to pass out, wake up in time for work, and do it all over again. I fell completely out of shape and became overweight and depressed. All I ever did after work was get drunk and hang out at the bar with my friends drinking, smoking, and partying the rest of the night.

I felt like such a failure. What a waste! I used to be an athlete. What happened to me? I gave up and let myself go.

I started watching TV all the time. Lethargic, not wanting to move or get up except to get some junk food from the kitchen or use the bathroom.

I started seeing all these different commercials for weight loss this, and exercise that, and people older than me bragging about how they are in the best shape of their life – in their 40’s! Some even in their 50’s and 60’s!

I started thinking there was NO WAY I was going to let a bunch of old people look and feel better than me! So I started working out again (almost 20 years out of high school), riding my bike a lot, cutting out the alcohol, and eating right.

I would do well at this for about a week, then the weekend would come around and it was PARTY TIME! After all, I worked hard and I deserved it! I would go back to my old ways just for the weekend, but then it would carry over into the next week, and so on and so forth until I would buckle down and start all over again.

The silver lining in all of this is that I fell in love with food and I’m excited to share some recipes with you!

After yo-yo-ing like this for many, many years, I started pushing 40. I thought, I’m a little better off than I was, but I’m still not “In the Best Shape of my Life”. I needed more help. More inspiration. I needed to get into a whole new mindset if I was going to succeed. Just dieting and working out wasn’t enough. I needed to become a completely new person, both inside and out!

I started researching how to get motivated and build confidence.

It took awhile but I started to see things differently.

I knew I couldn’t expect my life to change if I didn’t change my routine and mindset.

I knew I couldn’t expect different results doing the same thing.

I started practicing gratitude every day.

I started going to AA and I’m learning a whole new way to live my life and enjoy it.

I adopted a “Why do it later, when you can do it now” mentality.

There might not be a later opportunity, and if there is, you won’t have to worry about doing that thing, because it will already be done.

I would like to share everything I’ve discovered with you!

  • Food and Diet
  • Healthy Delicious Recipes
  • Exercise Tips
  • How Certain Foods Work Together – Synergy
  • Tips to Get and Stay Focused and Motivated
  • Build Confidence
  • Positive Thinking
  • Spirituality

It’s never too late to start living your life better. It will be hard at first, but once you make it over that first hump, you will never look back, and you will never regret making the decision to become…

The New Super You!

Maybe you need a complete overhaul.

Maybe you just need a little inspiration.

Maybe you need a swift kick in the pants!

Maybe you need help figuring out where to begin.

I started this blog because of my commitment to being the best person I can be, and sharing what I’ve learned, both good and bad, with people who need a little help themselves.


Remember, invest in YOURSELF!

Why put off til tomorrow what you can do today?

Chin up, smile, look yourself in the mirror and say, “It’s going to be a great day!”

Stay positive! You can do it!