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I learned a little about this value back in August…

On my last camping trip there was a thunderstorm with a torrential downpour. Later, after the sun came back out, I went to restart my campfire. I had some wood gathered that I had sheltered under a rock with an overhang, but it still got wet.

I had some charcoal and lighter fluid, but not that much so I used it sparingly. It took a long time to get that fire started. I lined up damp pieces of wood so they would dry out faster around the edge of the fire pit.

I kept rearranging the wood, putting the driest pieces next to the puny flame I had, and I kept blowing on it.. I knew if I could get a nice hot bed of coals as a base I’d be home free!

I tended and nurtured that fire for over an hour before it finally took. Walking around it, blowing on it, putting newly dried wood in, and replacing the edge with wet wood to dry. I was determined to get that fire going, and because I persisted, and didn’t give up, I was rewarded not only with a nice toasty fire, but also the satisfaction that I had accomplished what I had set out to do.

Just like with life, sometimes you have to help it along, and poke it a little, and rearrange a couple of things here and there. Life is an ongoing, ever changing entity. If you stop helping it along the way or fail to make constant improvements, it burns out. But if you keep on keeping on, you can be rewarded with a rich and full life.

Weak desires bring weak results. One of the main instigators of failure is lack of persistence.

Be persistent, don’t give up!

~Thanks for reading – LC

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