Everything in Moderation (Including Moderation)

man jumping over white fence
Photo by Ady April on Pexels.com

I like to reward myself once in awhile for being good by over-indulging in things that I normally keep at arms length.

It feels good to blow it out once in awhile and not have that worry of counting calories or acting proper.

Once in awhile I like to pig out on some junk food. I used to like to drink my face off, but since that got out of hand and can’t be moderated at all, I don’t do that anymore.

Sometimes I cut loose and get loud and don’t follow proper manners or act like a lady.

It’s great for morale, to just spend some time not worrying about consequences and just doing whatever I feel like doing.

I’ve found the best way for me to keep myself balanced is to knock myself off balance once in awhile.

~Thanks for reading – LC

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