New Way of Thinking

Bad Attitude = Bad Habits = Bad Work Ethic = Bad Life

Being the victim is a choice.


Starting out my day by writing down what I’m grateful for has made my life so much better, and it worked almost instantly!

Sure, I still get mad sometimes but I deal with it in a different way now. Instead of dwelling on whatever pissed me off all day, and getting angrier and angrier, I’ve learned to let it go. Focusing on what I’m grateful for helps me focus on what needs to get done. I know that if I want to continue to grow both professionally and personally, I need to also grow spiritually, and for me that starts with practicing gratitude every day.

Even if it’s something as simple as a sunrise, or having indoor plumbing, or anything else I often take for granted until I miss it, anything helps. I’ve come to realize I’m much happier just appreciating what I have as opposed to being pissed off about something I don’t possess or have control over.

I know it’s ok to want more out of life, and to strive to improve, but perfection will never happen. And that’s ok too. I know as long as I’m moving forward and improving myself every day, I’ll be a lot less stressed.

In my experience, if I get angry about something that isn’t perfect, it ends up ruining both mine and someone else’s day, and no progress is made.

Too many people seem to be focused on the small picture. They are greedy and always ask, “What’s in it for me?”

Maybe if those same people tried practicing gratitude, tried helping out others more, and stopped having the attitude of, “Well I’m not going to do a good job because I don’t get paid enough.”, they might actually get a raise or promotion. They might even actually be able to be happy!

Or maybe not.

All I know is what works for me. And what works for me is having a good attitude even when things aren’t going well. Overcoming challenges with grace and a good attitude are what helps me grow and be happy. And when I’m happy, I can be helpful to other people. And being helpful to other people makes me happy.

And so on, and so on…

Thanks for reading ~ LC

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