Sunrises and Sunsets

I like sunrises better. They’re quieter.

A chance to meditate and plan the upcoming day.

A chance to reflect on the day before.

A chance to be grateful to see another day begin.

I like to ride my bike to the lake in the dark and see the sunrise. I like the mist and the morning dew. There’s little to no traffic. The loud assholes haven’t hit the roads yet.



The feeling that it’s a brand new day and you can mold it as you please.

Sunsets are cool too, but they’re not as quiet or comforting. There’s still traffic moving too fast, assholes blowing their horns like their time is more important than anyone else’s…

Not by the lake though.

There’s more foot traffic than at dawn, but still pretty peaceful.

A chance to reflect on the day.

What good did I do today?

What good shall I do tomorrow?

Sunsets are a time to unwind and begin to relax.

I like sunrises and sunsets. Especially at the lake.

I think I’ll ride there tomorrow for the sunrise.

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